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First 2019 Newsletter is out!

22 Mar 2019 08:05 | Wade Bartlett (admin) (Administrator)

The first "NAPARS News" for 2019 is hot off the presses! I sent it to all NAPARS members last night. For the first time, I've used the email system that's integral to the new website, so it may look a little different, but it is really from NAPARS. The email has a link to the PDF document stored on our website. You can click on the link and read it in your browser, or right click on the link and save the PDF to your computer for future reading. For those of you who wish to print a paper copy, most of it will be fine, but some links will be pretty useless, since they are directing you to a website, which is not yet available in hardcopy. <heh> Anyway, this issue has
-The President's Message
-Wade's Miscellaneous Ramblings column
-Passings & Transitions
-A Blast From The Past (1997 ARJ article on friction testing inverted cars)
-Use It Or Lose It practice problems (with solutions)
-and my latest Mailbox Review.
I have also placed a copy with all the previous NAPARS News issues in the Reference Library. We hope you like it. Peace. -W

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