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    • 15 Dec 2023
    • 12:00 - 14:00
    • Worldwide via Zoom
    • 1361

    "Monte Carlo with Excel for Crash Analysis", 2 hours with Wade Bartlett

    DATE: Friday, 15 December 2023
    TIME: 12 noon - 2 pm EDT (GMT-4)
    COST: Free for NAPARS member;  $5 for non-members
    LOCATION: Worldwide Via Zoom

    ACTAR: This event has been approved by ACTAR for 2 CEUs (signing in with i-Attend during the show will be required, so get the new version on your phone in advance)

    Registered attendees will be able to request an  attendance certificate.

    SUMMARY: A review of the technique's background in crash analysis, and a practical step-by-step demonstration of how it's done, including conditional sampling to accommodate data known through EDR or other means.

    The foundations of this discussion will primarily be these four sources:

    1. "Conducting Monte Carlo Analysis with Spreadsheet Programs", SAE Paper 2003-01-0487 

    2. "Monte Carlo Analysis for Accident Reconstruction", Accident Investigation Quarterly, Issue #49, Winter 2008, pg 19-23

    3. "Monte Carlo Analysis of Motorcycle/Automobile Crash", ARJ 18(6), Nov/Dec 2008

    4. November NAPARS Zoom show on Probability and Statistics (The video and ppt handout for which are in the Reference Library)

    ·         What kind of problems can we attack with this tool?

    ·         Why is Monte Carlo different from other ranging techniques?

    ·         How does conditional sampling work?

    ·         Combining Monte Carlo results with other data: EDR, Video, Scene

    ·         Evaluating interactions between variables.

    • 04 Jan 2024
    • 12:00 - 14:00
    • Worldwide via Zoom
    • 1496

    "Nighttime Crash Scene Investigation", 2 hours with Dr. Jeffrey Muttart

    Our speaker will be Dr. Muttart, the Director of Research and Training at the Driver Research Institute, LLC, in CT, USA. Learn more at their website: https://driverresearchinstitute.com/

    DATE: Thursday, 04 January 2024
    TIME: 12 noon - 2 pm Eastern Standard Time
    COST: Free for NAPARS member;  $5 for non-members
    LOCATION: Worldwide Via Zoom

    ACTAR: This event will be submitted to ACTAR for CEU consideration.

    Registered attendees will be able to request an  attendance certificate.

    "Illuminating the Truth: A Systematic Approach to Nighttime Crash Scene Investigation"

     1. Introduction

         Overview: Importance of accurate nighttime crash scene documentation

         Objective: Teach investigators to avoid biases and ensure fairness in documentation

    2. Understanding Nighttime Visibility

         The challenge of nighttime investigations

         Common misconceptions about visibility at night

         Realities of driver perception vs. pedestrian/investigator assumptions

    3. The Role of Bias in Crash Investigation

         How prior knowledge can skew perceptions

         Recognizing and mitigating investigator bias

         Case studies: Biased vs. unbiased investigation outcomes

    4. Signal Detection Theory in Crash Investigations

         Explaining the basics of signal detection theory

         Application in analyzing crash scenarios

         Contrasting results: With and without signal detection theory application

    5. The CAPLETS Approach

         Introduction to CAPLETS: Contrast, Anticipation, Pattern, Lighting, Eccentricity, Time of Exposure, Size

         How each factor influences crash scene visibility

         Applying CAPLETS for comprehensive scene analysis

    6. Hands-on Techniques for Scene Documentation

    "At-scene approach": Practical steps for on-site investigation

    Using a contrast gradient target: Ensuring image accuracy

    Effective methods for taking light meter readings

    Incorporating artificial light sources: Headlights and streetlights

    7. Developing Best Practices

    Rules of thumb for nighttime investigation

    Checklist for investigators

    Avoiding common pitfalls

    8. Concluding Thoughts

    The importance of objective, systematic investigation

    Resources for further learning and practice

    9. Workshop Activities

    Practical exercises on applying the CAPLETS approach.

    Simulated crash scene investigation

    Review and feedback session

    10. Closing Remarks

    Final Q&A Session

    Reminder of investigator’s responsibility for unbiased documentation

    • 08 Apr 2024
    • 08:00 (CDT)
    • 12 Apr 2024
    • 14:00 (CDT)
    • Embassy Suites 1815 S. Meridian Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73108
    • 181



    Dates:  08 April 2024 through 12 April 2024

    Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    Facility:  Embassy Suites 1815 S. Meridian Oklahoma City, Ok.

    Cost: $499.00/person

    Don't miss the opportunity to receive EDR Training from some of the world's best known EDR specialists for FIVE days at the lowest rate available for this type training.

    Format:  The Symposium on EDR Research and Training will include updates and training regarding EDR's on cars, light trucks, motorcycles and heavy vehicles.

    Car and Light Truck EDR speakers:

    • Brad Muir of Crash Data Specialists
    • Wes Vandiver of Berla
    • Kent Boots of Kent E. Boots & Associates
    • Nick Manz of Toyota
    • Don Floyd of General Motors
    • Tommy Beetham of General Motors
    • Andy Rich of Rich Consulting LLC
    • Richard Ruth of Ruth Consulting

    Motorcycle EDR speakers:

    • Ed Fatzinger of Momentum Engineering
    • Andre Doria of Compass Kinetics

    Heavy Vehicle EDR speakers:

    • Dave Plant of D.P. Plant & Associates
    • Greg Wilcoxson of Wilcoxson Consulting LLC
    • Matthew DiSogra of Delta V
    • Brad Higgins of Mecanica Scientific Services Corp. 
    • Wes Grimes of Mecanica Scientific Services Corp
    • Steve Anderson of The Forensic Training Group
    • James Loftis of The Forensic Training Group

    Additional presenters and topics will be announced as they are confirmed.

    The cost of the Symposium includes lunch each day and breaks.

    Limited seating is available so reserve your seat today.

    Lodging is currently at the Embassy Suites 1815 S. Meridian in Oklahoma City, OK. The hotel offers free shuttle service from Will Rogers World Airport from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm each day. At the hotel you will receive a free breakfast, as well as the usual Managers greeting each evening. Rates are set at $114.00/night. Please click on the link below to reserve your room.


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