The National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists is a non-profit organization whose members have joined together for over 25 years to share the challenge of dealing with the increasingly complex problems of accident reconstruction and to upgrade and ultimately professionalize the accident reconstruction field.

NAPARS is open to all persons who are interested in the fields of traffic accident reconstruction and highway transportation safety. Present membership is at approximately 800 and includes police officers, engineers, consultants and government safety personnel from all over the world.

Annual dues for membership are $65, which includes a complimentary subscription to the Accident Reconstruction Journal. Dues can be paid online with a credit card, or by check through U.S. mail. An application form is required for new members. The requirement to list training and relevant employment is waived if you list your ACTAR certificate number

The principles which guide NAPARS are the following:

  1. Continual research, experimentation, and exchange of ideas through discussion and debate are paths of development of a professional body of knowledge about all levels of technical accident reconstruction;
  2. Substantial and purposeful academic study is a pre-requisite for acquiring, understanding and adding to the body of knowledge of professional accident reconstruction.
  3. Maintenance of the highest standards of ethics and integrity is imperative to the improvement of professional accident reconstruction.
  4. To inform and educate the public on accident investigation and reconstruction issues.

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