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An Admin Note

(CLICK the NAPARS News link above for all the graphics that go with this message.) An admin note: When an active member logs into the website, the MEMBERS ONLY page should have 7 icons to choose from. It has come to my attention that some active & current members only see the 4 icons that expired members see, like this:

members page with only 4 icons

Apparently there is a toggle somewhere deep in the database that I can't access which prevents these members from seeing the other 3 they are supposed to get on that page (Article Index, Newsletter Archive, and Reference Library). To find these last three after logging in, go to the HOME page, and you should see the missing 3 links on the left side of the screen, as shown below. Sorry for this confusion. We're working on it. Peace. -Wade Bartlett, admin.

a homescreen showing member-only links on the left