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Voting for the 2017/2018 NAPARS Board of Directors is now closed, and the results are in. For the upcoming 2-year term, the board will consist of 3 reps from Law Enforcement:
      Hugh Bean,
      Greg Russell, and
      Adam Hyde;
3 reps from the private side:
      Bob Anderson,
      Rick Wakefield, and
      Susan Lantz (who is also the Newsletter Editor).
The four top (executive?) slots were uncontested:
      President Tommy Sturdivan;
      Vice President Rick McAlister;
      Treasurer Kenna Marie Johnston, and
      Secretary Tom Garrepy.
Congratulations and thank you to them and the others who ran for office. It is only with participation that we can keep NAPARS running! Special thanks to outgoing Secretary Ron Baade for many years of keeping us on the straight and narrow! Your counsel and wisdom will be missed. As non-elected Admin, I will continue to serve at the pleasure of the board. More news as it happens! Peace. -Wade Bartlett