Welcome to the new NAPARS web site.  Our goal is to bring information and value to both the membership and the general public.  Our members will get technical data, test crash information, reference material, and news related to crash reconstruction.  For the public we will be adding crash photographs and crash videos designed to promote a better understanding of our field of work.   NAPARS will accept submissions to the web site reference library, as well as articles of interest from our membership.

ARJ 27(2), May/Jun 2017 #159 is out. Watch your email!

Posted May 18, 2017 @ 7:36am, Updated: May 18, 2017 @ 7:37am

The Accident Reconstruction Journal May/Jun 2017 issue is headed to press now, and has started to arrive in email inboxes for all NAPARS members, and everyone else who subscribes. The dissemination can take a few days, so watch for it soon. The latest past-issue (Mar/Apr 2017) has been uploaded to the Reference Library. Peace. -Wade, admin.

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2017 Joint Annual Conference - August 9-11 - Rowan Univ, Glassboro NJ

Posted February 1, 2017 @ 6:35am

The 2017 Joint Annual Conference, co-sponsored by NATARI, NAPARS, NJAAR, NYSTARS and MdATAI, but hosted by NATARI this year, will be held at Rowan University, Glassboro NJ, in collaboration with the Rowan Department of Public Safety,

DATE: August 9-11, 2017. 

TOPICS: NATARI is finalizing speakers and the topic of the collision testing which will be held nearby. If you have ideas for speakers and topics which others may find interesting please feel free to contact Bill Camlin (wccamlin@comcast.net).

EXTRAS: An ACTAR test will be held prior to the beginning of the conference.

HOTEL: The Courtyard Glassboro Rowan University at 325 Rowan Blvd, Glassboro NJ 08028 will be providing hotel rooms for the conference attendees.

TIMING NOTE: The Conference is being held earlier this year than usual, so check your calendars and plan to join us!

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ACTAR prep class in ME, August 2017

Posted January 27, 2017 @ 6:06am

On Monday August 28th, an ACTAR prep-class will be conducted by Sgt Darren Foster ( Darren.L.Foster@Maine.Gov ) of the Maine State Police. Contact Sgt. Foster directly for more details. There is an ACTAR exam scheduled for the following day, Tuesday August 29th, at the Brunswick ME Police Department.

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An Admin Note

Posted January 19, 2017 @ 1:04pm, Updated: January 19, 2017 @ 1:12pm

(CLICK the NAPARS News link above for all the graphics that go with this message.) An admin note: When an active member logs into the website, the MEMBERS ONLY page should have 7 icons to choose from. It has come to my attention that some active & current members only see the 4 icons that expired members see, like this:

members page with only 4 icons

Apparently there is a toggle somewhere deep in the database that I can't access which prevents these members from seeing the other 3 they are supposed to get on that page (Article Index, Newsletter Archive, and Reference Library). To find these last three after logging in, go to the HOME page, and you should see the missing 3 links on the left side of the screen, as shown below. Sorry for this confusion. We're working on it. Peace. -Wade Bartlett, admin.

a homescreen showing member-only links on the left

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Member Discount on AA&R Reconstruction Classes, 2017

Posted December 28, 2016 @ 8:18am

NAPARS members get a $50 discount on these upcoming classes. Greg Russell is one of my favorite instructors ever, so get out and take a class if possible, eh?

Pedestrian Crash Reconstruction

----Denison/Sherman TX (1 hour north of Dallas), February 6 -10. 

----Las Vegas NV, March 6 - 10.

Excel for Collision Reconstruction Course

----Millersville MD, February 13 - 17 (near BWI)

Advanced Reconstruction with CDR Applications

----Las Vegas NV, March 20 - 24

----Howell MI, March 27 - 31 (This course should be approved for Michigan 302 funds)

Contact Greg Russell directly at c.g.russell@me.com, and mention your NAPARS membership when signing up!

Offered by: Accident Analysis and Reconstruction, 443-889-3657, c.g.russell@me.com

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NAPARS NEWS, December 2016, Issue #04

Posted December 21, 2016 @ 4:15pm, Updated: December 24, 2016 @ 10:52am

The NAPARS News #4, December 2016 newsletter is going out now to the 709 active members as of this afternoon. Huge props, kudos, and thanks to editor Susan Lantz for putting it together! Our President, Chuck Veppert, used his personal email to send it, so look for it in your mailboxes!  Once logged into the website, you can find the newsletter here: http://napars.org/members/library/download/262  Peace. -Wade

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Posted December 16, 2016 @ 3:30pm

Voting for the 2017/2018 NAPARS Board of Directors is now closed, and the results are in. For the upcoming 2-year term, the board will consist of 3 reps from Law Enforcement:
      Hugh Bean,
      Greg Russell, and
      Adam Hyde;
3 reps from the private side:
      Bob Anderson,
      Rick Wakefield, and
      Susan Lantz (who is also the Newsletter Editor).
The four top (executive?) slots were uncontested:
      President Tommy Sturdivan;
      Vice President Rick McAlister;
      Treasurer Kenna Marie Johnston, and
      Secretary Tom Garrepy.
Congratulations and thank you to them and the others who ran for office. It is only with participation that we can keep NAPARS running! Special thanks to outgoing Secretary Ron Baade for many years of keeping us on the straight and narrow! Your counsel and wisdom will be missed. As non-elected Admin, I will continue to serve at the pleasure of the board. More news as it happens! Peace. -Wade Bartlett

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Posted December 2, 2016 @ 2:10pm

02 Dec 2016: A Benchmark email with the ballots for the contested Board of Director positions is going out now.  If you do not see it, please check your SPAM folders.  Some IP's block emails with links like this. If you do not find it at all, please let us know and we will send you the link directly. Chuck Veppert (President), and Wade Bartlett (Admin)

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Posted December 1, 2016 @ 7:56am

01 DEC 2016, RENEWAL ISSUE: Two of our recently renewed members have received automated notification this week that their memberships were about to expire...after they had already made a confirmed online dues payment. We are still trying to figure out why members in good standing who are paid up thru late 2017 are getting these messages. In the meantime, if you get such a message, and have paid recently, you can check your membership status online to verify that a recent payment has been logged in, or write to me and I'll check for you. Sorry for the inconvenience. Peace. -Wade, Admin.

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ARJ 26(6), Nov/Dec 2016 #156 - coming soon

Posted November 22, 2016 @ 4:09pm, Updated: November 22, 2016 @ 4:23pm

22NOV2016: ARJ #156 coming soon! I've submitted our mailing list for the next issue of ARJ to the publisher. Everyone who was a member on 15 NOV is on it (and a few people who were close, so I backdated them a smidge). Our membership is well above 700 now, for the first time in a long time. I think that's a good sign. More news as it happens. Peace. -Wade, admin

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