Starting in 2016, NAPARS is no longer in the clothing business. We have arranged with Deb & Dukes ( for members to purchase logo-embroidered items directly. This means our members get the widest array of choices possible, and can always get exactly the size, color, and style they want, with the logos you prefer! You can even get your name on your shirts, if you like. They will bill you and ship direct to you with no midway stopoff at the NAPARS post office box, so they'll arrive as quick as possible.

Specify either the rectangular logo (good for hats or shirt-sleeves) or the oval logo (which is larger and well-suited to shirt breasts).

For the rectangular logo, you can specify the lettering color and the color for an underline and/or surrounding box. 

You can email Deb & Dukes directly at

White Polo shirt with NAPARS logos