The National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists (NAPARS) is a non-profit organization whose members have joined together to share the challenge of dealing with complex problems of accident reconstruction and to upgrade and professionalize the accident reconstruction field. The principles which guide NAPARS are:

  • Continual research, experimentation and the exchange of ideas through discussion and debate are the paths to development of a professional body of knowledge about all levels of technical accident reconstruction;
  • Maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity is imperative to the improvement of professional accident reconstruction;
  • Inform and educate the public on accident investigation and traffic safety issues.

NAPARS is open to all persons interested in the fields of traffic accident reconstruction and highway transportation safety. Membership includes approximately 700 police officers, engineers, consultants and government safety personnel from across the U.S., Canada, and many foreign countries.

NAPARS was founded in 1985, and annually hosts, co-hosts, or sponsors training events and conferences on traffic accident reconstruction topics. Membership is for 12 months from date of renewal. Each 1-year membership comes with 6 digital issues of the Accident Reconstruction Journal. Active members as of the 15th of each "odd" month (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov) will receive that issue via email when it comes out.

NAPARS is dedicated to the open exchange of information relating to the science of reconstructing traffic crashes and related technologies.  Our policy is to provide assistance to the media whenever possible, by supplying technical information or by directing your inquiry to our large field of experts who can provide the information needed.  This would include interviews, fact-checking, or samples of crash photographs.

Please contact NAPARS with requests for information and we will be glad to help. 


PO Box 866 
Farmington NH 03835 
Phone  603-332-3267 (Eastern Time)
Administrator - Wade Bartlett