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Accident Reconstruction Journal (ARJ)

Each 12-month NAPARS membership comes with 6 digital issues of ARJ starting with the next issue after signing up, sent directly to your email inbox. The mailing list will be built from active members at the end of the 15th of each odd month. So, people with active memberships at 12:01am on the 16th of January will receive the year's first issue, while active members on at 12:01am on the 16th of March will receive the second issue, and so on. Members who join mid-year will receive the next 6 issues.  Additionally, the entire back-catalog of ARJ and Accident Investigation Quarterly (AIQ) is posted on the NAPARS website in PDF format, making this impressive resource fully available for all NAPARS members. Hardcopy can be additionally purchased from the publisher at a reduced rate.

Discounts on NAPARS sponsored Conferences and Seminars

Receive discounts on registration fees at various conferences hosted or sponsored by NAPARS.  The largest is the Combined Annual Conference held on the east coast each fall, and WREX2016 in Florida. The Combined Annual Conference will take a hiatus for 2016 to help ensure everyone can attend this special event. These conferences serve as great opportunities for crash training, observing live crash testing, as well as meeting and networking with the leading experts in our industry.


NEW for 2016: Save on classes from Crash Data Specialists & Accident Analysis and Reconstruction Inc.

  • CDR Operators Class: $25 off ($100 instead of $125)
  • CDR Analysis and Applications: $25 off ($475 instead of $500)
  • CDR Series (BOTH classes together): $50 off ($575 instead of $625)
  • Advanced Recon with CDR Applications: $50 off.
  • Any class offered by Greg Russell – Accident Analysis and Reconstruction Inc.: $50 off.
  • *Does not apply to contract classes - contact Crash Data Specialists for details:    (Added April 2016)


Access to the Members Only Section 

As a member of NAPARS you will be given complete access to our secure Members Only Section.  In this section you will find our Reference Library of technical papers and crash related reference materials.  Included in this section are valuable links to crash references, as well as a searchable index to all the leading crash related periodicals;  including Collision Magazine, Accident Reconstruction Journal, The SOARce, and Impact.  As a member of NAPARS, you gain access to the crash data database of the University of Tulsa Crash Reconstruction Research Consortium (TU-CRRC) which designs and executes crash testing throughout the year.  You also gain access to the member discussion area, online voting, and online member records, edits, and updates.              


ACTAR Application/Testing Fee discount

NAPARS members receive a $25 discount off the application fee and another $50 off the test fee when they apply and sit for the ACTAR Examination.           

More Information at their website:


Legal Artwork

Legal Artworks of Jacksonville, Florida is an important resource for effective demonstrative evidence such as 3D animations of auto accidents, falls, surgical procedures, etc.  NAPARS members receive a 10% discount on services. 

More information at their website: 


Lawyers and Judges Publications

Lawyers and Judges Publishing Company is devoted to the making of top quality publications and resources in various legal fields, especially accident reconstruction and litigation.  NAPARS members receive a 5% discount on publication purchases.

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